CLICS police car toy of the year at top toy award in the US

Of course, we’ve known all along that CLICS makes top toys. Every box of construction tools that we create must meet – besides the highest quality standards – several criteria. CLICS is a synonym of educational toys that are also fun toys. Toys that stimulate the creativity and appeal to the imagination, but also toys that challenge the skills and logical thinking of your child. Toys that are loved both by children and their parents. And from now on even toys that have been elected toy of the year 2015.

Hero squad police 8 in 1: police car voted toy of the year!

Are we at all proud of this achievement? Of course we are! Receiving a toy of the year award in a building and construction category is fantastic. Especially if you know that the organization of these toys awards is held by Creative Child and that the children’s toys are reviewed both by education professionals and moms. And we all know that moms are THE experts when it comes down to knowing which toys are best for their children.

Hours of playing fun in one box

So yes, we are proud! But nothing as proud as children bringing their phantasy to life with CLICS, except maybe their parents. With reason, because that is the nice thing about CLICS’ educational toys. You are buying hours of playing fun for your child – because CLICS makes hot toys – but besides in playing fun, you are also investing in your child’s skills and creative thinking. Because that is another reason the police car became toy of the year; because the jury was impressed with the fact that children can just as easily follow instructions with CLICS, as they can let go of their imagination.

As far as we are concerned, it isn’t just our CLICS police car that has become toy of the year, but with that police car, the complete CLICS concept. Because that is one of CLICS’ strengths: our toy boxes can be combined endlessly for even more play fun.