CLICS helps develop your child’s fine motor skills

While your child is busy building with CLICS, CLICS is working on your child’s fine motor skills. Playing with CLICS teaches children to develop their fine motor skills whilst having fun. The CLICS building blocks have been developed in order to provide fine motor skills activities in different ways. Of course, you have the first steps, such as the grasping reflex or moving objects from one hand to the other. But CLICS goes beyond that, improving the eye-hand coordination, allowing a child much more conscious actions for example. The building blocks are not only directed into a certain direction, but also assembled in a later stage.

How to CLICS

Fine motor skills activities:

CLICS helps to make both hands work together in a better way, That is what fine motor activities are all about: getting the better control over the various movements of the two hands and further refine those acts naturally. That is why CLICS is excellent for stimulating the fine motor skills of children. It responds to the first gripping reflexes, but also a very extensive cooperation between both hands. Because after assembling the building blocks, it goes a step further and it works towards the creation of a particular object. And then one step beyond once can move the objects that you have created. CLICS makes it all happen. That is how CLICS grows along with your child. Because it constantly responds to the development of your child.

CLICS: playful learning

The essence of educational games is that children learn through play. With CLICS, they do more than that. They have fun for hours. So they learn for hours without realizing it. The perfect toy that appeals to both children than parents. Discover CLICS building sets on our website.