CLICS are fun toys, something our builders’ moms agree with

Of course CLICS are fun toys! That was one of the basic values when we first started developing CLICS. CLICS have to be cool kids toys for children to play with for hours and therefore durable. Once in a while someone actually shares with us how much their children adore playing with CLICS. Here’s Sofie’s email, mom of 3, explaining perfectly why CLICS are fun toys.


I am Sofie, mom of Niels (9), Amber (6) and Max (3). I am not in the habit of writing to customer services, but for CLICS I am willing to make an exception. I have a good reason for that: ever since we have CLICS, I seem to have the time again to do so. Reason enough to send you a thank you note, I thought.

Having 3 children means there’s always something happening in our house, the most natural thing in the world. On the other hand, it is no secret that it is a difficult exercise to find a toy that will keep them occupied for a while. Discovering a toy that all 3 of them would actually adore and that would keep them happy for hours in a row, that was a completely new thing to me!

As a mom of 3 children, I am constantly hunting for fun toys that are preferably creative toys as well. After all, I am not really in favor of too much tv to keep them sweet. That is how I bought the first CLICS building blocks: The CLICS Space Rollerbox 10 in 1. It looked like something the boys would absolutely love. In order to get Amber involved, I also bought a Bucket Glitter CLICS 7 in 1, which seemed like totally her. It was an instant hit! De kids think those are really cool kids toys and are playing together with it for hours. Glitter and ‘glow in the dark’ are mixed and our ‘Clicspark’ has grown to be a large collection of building blocks and accessories. And the children? They are playing and building for hours according to the building plans or just using their own fantasy. That’s how I have some me time again to send you an email to thank you for example.



CLICS are fun toys for kids. Don’t just take it from us, but listen to our clients. Discover our collection of creative toys on the CLICS website and witness the effect CLICS has on your own children.